Victory Fine Art Gallery and Body Art Studio

Victory Fine Art Gallery and Body Art Studio

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Victory Fine Art Gallery and Body Art Studio is the new cutting-edge creative space which hosts an array of talented artists that practice body art and fine arts alike. Located at 53 East Main Street in Little Falls New Jersey. Victory is dedicated to exhibiting contemporary artwork of local artists. This unique shop provides only the finest in tattoos and fine art, curated for artists, by artists. Victory serves as an ultra modern resource for North Jersey and the tri-state area, introducing the public to the provocative allure of body artwork, while also providing a professional, sterile environment. The artists at Victory hope to enhance appreciation and knowledge of the arts, and offer only the best body artwork to the ones who wish to make the art their own forever.

Choose a service to schedule

Tattooing - $50
Deposits are Non-Refundable. Please e-mail all reference material to Reference your appointment date and time. This is a deposit for an appointment the respective artist. The phone number is 973-837-8778

The hourly rate is $150 an hour.

Your $50 will go towards the price of your tattoo. Price is determined by time taken on the piece, and discussions of price prior to completion of the tattoo are estimates. We do not offer piece pricing.

When you pick an appointment time and place your deposit, the Studio will call you and request you come in for a consultation. Your online appointment must be verified first by the artist before it is final. Calls are answered in the order received

Tattoo duration and scheduling may be subject to change.

Consultation - $0
Come in and discuss your future tattoo with a talented artist. $50 Deposits are required to book appointments. Walk-In welcome, but sometimes expect a slight wait. Calls are answered in the order received
Directions 53 East Main Street, Little Falls, NJ, United States